Novabell Imperial Venice 60x120cm

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NovaBell’s founder was used to flying high. The passion with which he used to pilot his plane, circling the skies above Sassuolo, can still be seen in the eyes of the people who saw him, and in the tales told by those who came afterwards. But Silvio Bellei flew high because he knew how to keep his feet firmly on the ground: at the controls of an aircraft, emotion comes from reason and passion from knowledge of the facts. NovaBell has implemented its founder’s philosophy by adopting, from the outset, a system of values based on genuine results, customer satisfaction and continuous innovation. Silvio Bellei was sure this strategy would bring success, and he was right. Today NovaBell is a well established business, operating on five continents, producing ceramic tiles that achieve excellence in innovation, style and quality. We like to have our feet firmly on the ground, but we want to aim high, certain that every day we can do better, and more.