Mutina Mater segno nero 60x60cm

Porcelain tile is suitable for both wall and floor tiles.

Mater’s porcelain tile is the perfect choice if you want to bring a special elegance and personality to your space. Patricia Urquiola has designed a collection for Mutina that is bold and organic at the same time, carrying the soul of Vietri artisan ceramics, highlighting the traditional beauty of ceramics and contemporary design.

Mater tiles are produced in a factory with ISO14001 certification, the base materials of the tiles do not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or substances included in the list of very dangerous substances or the declaration of restricted substances. In addition, the packaging is fully recyclable. Mater tiles are also extremely hygienic, long-lasting, durable and recyclable.


  • Brand


  • Collection
  • Size


  • Thickness

    9 mm

  • Color


  • Designer

    Patricia Urquiola

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“Tile production has always been treated in a very classical way. I wanted to do things differently”. Massimo Orsini

Mutina derives from the natural need to urge top designers to bring their ideas, for the first time, to the world of ceramic covering materials.

It was thanks to this intuition that in 2005, the brand set off down a brand-new road, with the aim of challenging the rules of ceramics in terms not only of scale, texture and composition, but of creativity and experimentation.