Interstudio “Trustworthy company” 2023

We are pleased to announce that Interstudio has been issued the prestigious “Trustworthy company” badge by Äripäev’s information bank, in recognition of our continuous commitment to financial responsibility and transparency.

Our credit rating has been consistently good over the past year, confirming that we have been exemplary in our economic activities. We have no debts to the state or our partners, we have submitted all annual reports and tax declarations on time, our financial indicators are strong, and the company’s background is in order. This badge is special – only 6% of Estonian companies meet its high requirements.

With this achievement, we demonstrate our dedication to reliable and responsible entrepreneurship. This is an important step in our ongoing effort to be a trustworthy partner to both clients and other businesses. We thank all our team members, clients, and partners for their support and cooperation. We will continue our journey, committing even further to higher standards in business practices.

Äripäev Infopank continously collects thorough information on all Estonian companies, including activity, financial information, payment habits. Based on collected information and rating model we calculate credit ratings and recommended credit limits. Ratings are updated daily.

To qualify for the certificate, the company must be continuously on highest credit rating level over the past year (for at least 350 out of 365 days). This means that there have not been tax arrears or debt collection cases, annual financial reports and declarations have been submitted on time, financial indicators are good and company’s background is clean.

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